Anti-androgen: Chemical Castration demo (review)

September 29, 2017
Some of my friends / bandmates are in a queercore band called Anti-androgen that is starting to make some waves here in Baltimore. They only have a demo up online, but the five songs that are up there are so good. This is some real dirty d-beat with awesome femme punk lyrics (read them), so […]

Episode 80: Success in DIY

Nate and Justin discuss what success in DIY could look like.

Episode 79: With Artorias

September 21, 2017
Nate sat down with Artorias to discuss who they are, what they’re up to, and their history as a band. Artorias is on Bandcamp and Facebook.

Nate w/ Two Knights Episode 78: With Two Knights

September 14, 2017
Two Knights came through Milwaukee last week and played with Snag and Kagedama. They’re touring on their latest release, Effing, which brought them through the Midwest and currently has them in the Northeast. Their full itinerary is on Facebook. Nate also talked about Sundial Mottos, who recently released their self-titled debut EP. It’s full of […]

Stranger Sex: Sugar/Honey (review)

So my buddy jake, who was in the indianapolis based screamo band wounded knee, is in a chillwave band now with some of his friends called stranger sex. They released two really great demo tracks last summer, and are going to be releasing an lp soon, i think. Jake put two of the songs, sugar […]